Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gymnastics Class

This has been the most wonderful day!  Today was the day that we were starting our gymnastics class.  We took classes before (when we were 3), but now we were starting back.  We love our teachers and all the equipment we get to work on.  

Our gymnastics place is the best one you'll ever see.  Look at the size of it!  It's huge!  It is our favorite.

This is Carissa.  She is our cousin.  She is also our gymnastics coach.  She used to be an Olympic gymnast, but she broke her wrist.

This is Chelsea.  She's one of our BFFs.  She is great on the beam and you should see her dismount! 

 This is Katie and Skipper.  They both say, "Hi!"  Katie is still learning how to not be afraid on the trampoline.  She likes it, though.

Katie loves doing the vault.  Doesn't that look fun?  She does awesome flips and more.

"Hey, it's me, Skipper.  See me bouncing on the trampoline?  Catch you next time!"

This is Kassidy.  She is being taught to do a handstand on the bar by Carissa.  

Look at Chelsea!  She's amazing on the vault.  Her handstand is breathtaking.

This is Kassidy on the beam.  Look at that handstand and split.  You go, girl!

Katie is trying out the bar for the first time.  

Carissa is keeping a close eye on her.

Carissa and Skipper's coffee.  Mmm, doesn't that look yum?  They enjoy it after our class.

Thanks for coming to class with us!
Carissa, Skipper, Chelsea, Katie and Kassidy

All gymnastics equipment was made by Julianna (with some assistance from Dad on the trampoline.)  The trampoline was inspired by this tutorial by My Froggy Stuff.  (A great resource for all kinds of doll tutorials!)  Oh, coffee cups made by Mom (also inspired by My Froggy. She'll be perfecting them and making the coffee dispenser!)


Moni-Q said...

That is TOTALLY awesome!!!!!

meboo said...

Just found your blog. I am looking forward to all the great stories and super cool creations!

wvugrads said...

You both are so sweet. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Love, JGG