Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day in the Life of Saige

It's almost time to wake up.

A pillow fight wake-up call!

Saige is ready to start her day.

This is Picasso.  He's a very nice horse and he loves carrots.  

This is my sister Lanie.  She is the best little sister ever!
"Hi, Lanie!"

Now I'm riding on Picasso.  "Giddy Up, boy!"

Mostly I'm a Tricksy Nixie.  Sometimes I feel super brave and I stand up on Picasso.  I've had a lot of practice, so don't even think about trying this at home!  

Lunch time with my sisters
(Cameron, Mia, Felicity, Elizabeth, McKenna, me, Kanani, Lanie, Kit, Samantha, Millie and Lily)

Mmmmm...doesn't that food look delicious?

Time to get a little painting in.  This is my latest picture of Picasso.  

Relaxing before bedtime watching "The Imagination Station".  The story was about Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.  

Now Mom is tucking me into bed.  It's super fun to be me! "Good night, everyone!"


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Michael Griffin said...

Looks like a LOT of FUN!!!

Did momma sing a lullabye for bed time?