Friday, January 11, 2013

My American Girl family

The girls

Lily and Millie, 2 years old.  They aren't able to walk.  They like ponies, monkeys, frogs, the lake, their sisters and My Little Pony.  Their favorite food is broccoli.

Samantha and Kit, 7 years old.  They love to play on the jungle gym.  They love gymnastics, swimming and their sisters.  Samantha's favorite food is broccoli cheese soup and Kit's is mac and cheese.

Lanie and Kanani, 8 years old.  They love swinging, surfing, Science, bunnies (really, all animals), flowers, nature and their sisters.  Lanie's favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches (she can eat them by the pound) and Kanani's is coconut milk.

McKenna, Felicity, Elizabeth and Saige, 9 years old.  McKenna loves gymnastics and her friends.  Felicity loves horses and her friends. Elizabeth loves clothes and shopping.  Saige loves art and horses.  They all love their sisters.  McKenna's favorite food is donuts, Felicity's is pizza, Elizabeth's is anything with parsley and Saige likes homemade bread.

Cameron, 12 years old.  She loves Ninjas, texting on her iPod Touch, and her friends. She really, really, really loves to eat seafood.

Check back to read more posts about the Girls.  


Moni-Q said...

This is making chilling in bed reading blogs worth while! I love hearing about your girls. You have got to show everyone all of your neato miniatures that you make for them. I think you are so talented and creative.

wvugrads said...

Thanks auntie. JGG

NannyB said...

I can't believe all the girls you have in your family! It is so exciting! I would love to read along and see what adventures they all go on. I am waiting to see what is happening next!!