Monday, January 14, 2013

Saige's visit to the Amazon Jungle

I was so, so excited to go to the Amazon Jungle.  It was so fun just getting there and seeing the baby koala.  

I was a little freaked out when I saw the baby tiger.  He was so cute, though and he was sitting on a coconut!  How can you resist that?

When I saw the monkeys, I just had to get close to them and give them a banana to eat.  They were too cute!

You should have seen the zebra!  I got to sit next to it.  It was friendly.  

I had a blast visiting the Amazon and seeing all the baby animals.  See you on my next adventure!


Jessica said...

Hey there, Miss Mini-Imagination! Just stopping by to say "hi!" Wanna know something funny?? I can hear your voice in your writing! How is that possible?


P.S. Saige is so lucky she got to visit the Amazon. Wow. I want to go...

wvugrads said...

I think you are pretty sweet. As sweet as candy canes.

Love, JGG